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Freaks and Fetish 2016

Allen Falkner Presents: Freaks & Fetish Date: Sunday Apr 17th, 2016 Doors: 9pm - 4am Prices: $10 over 21 / $15 under 21 ($5 off w Church dog tags or VIP) Free w Suscon credentialsThe Church Dallas 2424 Swiss @ Good Lattimer Dallas, Texas info: 214-826-4768 Event Information: All you freaks & kinksters come out and join...

2016 Dallas Suscon

The 2016 Dallas Suspension Convention will take place from Monday April 18th to Friday April 22nd, 2016 in Dallas Texas, with an opening party Sunday April 17th. The six day event will feature expert speakers, classes in technique and safety, advanced suspensions, and entertainment geared...

Love and Loss
The body suspension community is a collection of such wonderfully unique people spread all over the world, and it has amazed me to see the growth that has happened over the last several years. Some of us love each other beyond words or comparison, and some of us may never even cross paths outside of the online world. At times it feels like the community is growing so quickly that it's overwhelming, and at times, especially times of tragedy, we realize just how small it really is. On February 12th, when Trisha Nelson lost her life at the hands of her fiance, we were all reminded once again that our community is still small enough for the loss of one life to send a ripple around the world. There are numerous articles out that explain the events of her death, as well as the death of her attacker, and I don't feel those details need to be revisited yet again. A person's death should never be what lives on as the thought in people's mind when they hear their name. 11295723_1056300621065876_6455440970715269575_n
The second event of its kind, Skin:Philadelphia will be taking place on April 15 & 16, 2016, at the Skybox Event Center in Philadelphia, PA. This installation will be an intimate event, focusing on the concept of expanding dimensions. It is the next logical step on our path in the Skin series; the third installation being Skin:LA, taking place in Spring of 2017. As with our previous event in NYC, we will be opening this installation up to the public. We are very excited to show you what we have in store.
Exploring Aesthetics in Body Suspension
As a team, Anchors Aweigh has always been driven towards the aesthetics behind suspension; to us, body suspension is ultimately an art-form. The form is defined by the concept that each person is having a unique experience that cannot be replicated, and that everything around them supplements the singularity of the moment. Capturing the essence of these moments via photography, or videography, is just an additional layer of creativity, as well as a form of documentation without which live art mediums cannot survive. Dave Coyle & Chloe Juckel suspending at Mecca SusCon, 2015
A Long Time Coming
Those of us in the suspension community aren't exactly known for our patience. Generally when an idea comes about, the excitement and motivation to make it happen means that we often rush into it. We also know that the willingness to wait can certainly pay off with projects that venture into new concepts or ideas in body suspension. If you think waiting a few months can be difficult, try being a part of a project that was 8 years in the making. This video of Tom Moore in the rotisserie rig by Jared Anderson is the result of years of thought, creativity, and hard work. Although any project will have improvements that can be made, with how smoothly it went for him, it certainly seems like it was worth the wait. [embed]https://youtu.be/D_k133UhMjg[/embed]
To Bleed or Not to Bleed
Please support this worthy cause - The campaign: http://igg.me/at/tbontb/ As you might know, we are in the process of making another book! This time, it’s the last decade of Pain Solution that we want to share with you. Once again, Helene Fjell’s incredible photos are the main content of the book, supported by Håvve Fjell’s thoughts on life, love, pain, and the art and business of being a Sideshow Fakir.  We got a bit wiser after Learning to Fly. Trying to publish a book for the first time wasn’t easy but we sure made it happen and even got two awards for it! This book will not be quite as heavy as the last (who thought sending an extra few grams of paper could suddenly make things so much more expensive?!), and this time we researched worldwide shipping better. The life of a Fakir is not an easy one, and especially not a luxurious one. But still, Håvve and his Pain Solution partners, Marte and Morten travel the world giving it all to entertain their audiences. If you have ever seen Pain Solution perform, you know how dedicated they are and how much they love the work that they do. They don’t do it for fame, they certainly don’t do it for money, but even though it might be rough and challenging at times, they do it out of a passion for bringing their unique art to the stage and sharing it with their audience.  At this time, the campaign is 44% funded with 16 more days to go. Which is where you come in—we need your help to make this book a reality! Please take a look at our campaign, please buy the book, please buy more of the books and please tell your friends and community about it! We are counting on you! bilde01
Lilith: From Myth to Flesh

This post comes somewhat last minute to help seek funding for a collaborative project that brings together a variety of incredibly talented artists including body modification artist Brian Decker, White Flag Suspension Team, Numi Empire, makeup artist May Moore, designer Dorothy Schmidt, rope bondage artist MacK,...

ISA Educational Meetups
Many of you may have seen events online showing up for ISA Educational Meetups located in many regions around the world. So what exactly is going on with the ISA, and what are these meets all about? The International Suspension Alliance, which you can read more about here and here, has been a long process of organization and a lot of paperwork behind the scenes. Although they are still working on a platform to begin the process of officially opening up memberships, work is underway to have it available as soon as possible. In the meantime, their main focus is still to bring members of the body suspension community together in positive ways to grow and learn. IMG_5399 crop This brings in the ISA's first steps toward those goals; the ISA Education Meetups. These will be meets hosted regionally by a variety of teams around the world. Although the dates will vary from region to region, each meet will host the same educational workshops and roundtable discussions for practitioners to learn from and participate in. These educational meets are open to all practitioners, completely free of charge. The ISA will be welcoming donations from attendees to go toward helping with the very large legal fees associated with starting a nonprofit organization.
Suspension with Intention
When Aerik Martin set out in 2012 to form his own team, he had a few ideas in mind. He wanted to create a working collective of suspension practitioners focused on learning and sharing their craft with other practitioners as well as lead a team focused on the suspendees' goals and vision for the experience rather than their own. That idea came together in Catalyst for Awareness with Intention by Ascension or CAIA Collective. Over two years later, their reputation has quickly grown for being an incredible group to suspend with, offering a positive environment for suspendees to bring their concepts to life. One of their most recent projects came from the mind of tattoo artist Corey Divine when he decided to combine his passion for tattooing with his new found love of suspension. Corey's journey into body suspension began just a few months back, when his visit to overseas gave him the unique opportunity to have his first suspension organized by Jake Waylay of Waylay Suspension Force surrounded by the beautiful Australian scenery. Corey said that he was immediately in love with suspension and has wanted to do it again ever since. corey_divine_by_mark_sandstorm_0001-XL