I think almost everyone in the suspension community has heard of the Sinner Team. With their elaborate suspensions, beautiful photography, and daring free fall suspensions, they have quickly become the center of many discussions among the practitioners in our community. They are a team that has constantly pushed the boundaries of what is possible with body suspension, performing everything from their well known free fall suspensions to four man tandems and more. Although several of their photos and videos have been seen online, many of us have yet to learn about who makes up their team and the direction they intend to take their work. Stanislav, founder of the Sinner team, took a moment to tell us a little about who they are.

Founded in 2008 in Moscow, Russia by Stanislav Aksenov and his wife Elena, the Sinner Team has grown to include individuals that are crucial to the challenging suspensions they perform. Stanislav handles the suspension rigging, as well as a majority of the piercing with the assistance of Elena. His wife is far more than just an assistant though; she also sees to sterilization, aftercare, and contact with their suspendees. Joining them is perhaps one of the most important individuals who has come to be involved in their free fall suspensions, Leonid “Sid” Porulin. His list of previous experience including working as a professional alpine-climber, a reservist of Moscow Emergency Service, and involvement in traditional rope jumping has made him an ideal candidate for seeing to the rigging behind their free fall work. Finishing up the list of crew members that make up the core of their group are also Max Yampolskiy and Alexander Golodniy.


I think for many of us, getting to know more about this team through their documentary “The Birth” was a bit of en eye opener. Like several others in the suspension community, my first introduction to their team came from being told that some crazy practitioners in Russia were jumping off buildings with suspension hooks. Needless to say, I was equally fascinated and alarmed by the idea of it. I think many of us, myself included, immediately shut out the idea of learning about this team because of our own fears of what they were doing and the consequences of a failure. We had yet to learn about the process they went through and the professionals they consulted with to make the jumps possible. Their attendance at the Oslo Suscon gave them the chance to show that process, and many people who had prejudged their team walked away with a new view of what they are doing. Following the convention, I talked with several people who stated that Stanislav and Elena had surprised them with their humble attitudes and their eagerness to learn and improve what they are doing.

I think it speaks volumes for this team that, as time has gone by, we have seen the them accept critique and criticism with poise; taking what they learn to refine their methods, and increase the overall safety of what they are doing. They are still continuing to raise the height of their free fall suspensions, and I am sure we are far from done seeing where they will take it. Where ever they go from here, I am sure we will continue to see fantastic photos and videos documenting their progress.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Stanislav. I look forward to seeing what your team will do next.

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