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Traumatic Stress Discipline – First organized in 1992
Dallas, Texas

TSD is a collective of suspension practitioners, organized for the research and development of suspension equipment, techniques, protocols and the responsible dissemination of information pertaining to such. The group is best known for large-scale artistic demonstrations, the introduction of advanced mechanics and providing support to fellow suspension groups.

Rites Of Passage is a large multi chapter suspension group dedicated to offering safe, knowledgeable suspensions and pulls. ROP is a family of people that are involved in the suspension community only for the love of helping change peoples lives. We offer private suspensions, suspension performances as well as sponsoring or holding our own suspension events.

There are Chapters or members in the following states - Connecticut, Missouri, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, & Rhode Island. If you or anyone you know is interested in contacting Rites Of Passage they may do so through email or phone.


Wings of Desire
Oslo, Norway
One of the world's premier suspension teams that not only puts on various side show performances but also hosts one of the best suspension conventions in the world.

The group is based in Olso, Norway. However, the group does travel to all over Europe, Brazil and Norway performing and teaching the technical art of suspension.

Contact: Havve

Constructs of Ritual Evolution (CoRE)
It is our intent to create original and physically demanding works of theatre by blending the practice of modern performance art with ancient rituals of body suspension. We have suspended our own concept of physical limitation, pierced the heart of our fears, and transcended the boundaries of social convention in order to further the understanding of the corporeal and spiritual being. Suspension acts combined with traditional performance art and theatre provide us with a new outlet for artistic expression that enables the audience to join us on our emotional journey. By pushing our own boundaries in life and art, we inspire others to explore their own. CoRE is based in Los Angeles,CA. and Houston,TX.

Contact: Steve Joyner

The following suspension groups are listed in alphabetical order by US state then by country. If there are any errors or changes that need to be made please drop me an email:

Life Suspended
Phoenix, Arizona
Life Suspended was founded in 1997 by Steve Haworth and James Bound. They began doing performance art suspensions for the public but have still remained doing private/spiritual suspensions for everyone. Over the years they have suspended in all types of atmosphere's ranging from the infamous "Bloody Basin Tree" in the middle of the desert to Music Videos for Opiate for the Masses.

Contact: Steve Haworth

As Seen On T.V.
Fairfield, California
Right now I am a one man show in northern California. I mainly focus on private suspensions for all that want to hang. I am willing to travel all over the Bay Area.

Contact: Matte

Ephemme Suspension Performance (ESP)
Los Angeles, California
Ephemme (ESP) is a performance based group that indulges in ritual and private events as well as theatre, art gallery and club venue shows. The group started when Brett Perkins (formerly Well Hung) needed a different outlet for some of his suspension inspired ideas. While they focus heavily on suspension and other ritual flesh disciplines, the group also tries to incorporate varied talents and aesthetics to ever evolve the moments of bliss that lie within the ephemera. ESP also hosts an annual suspension camping trip that fosters a bonding with nature and group while exploring the limits of the physical self.

Contact: Brett Perkins

Well Hung
Los Angeles, California
Well Hung was founded in 2002 with the goal of making suspensions available for those with an interest. We try to achieve a conglomeration of the spiritual aspects as well as the expressive artistic side of suspension. We host theatrically scripted performances as well as private events. We sponsor and run the annual SoCal HANGout which is a three day camping/suspension trip that usually takes place in the early fall. Each of our founding members come from a different geographic location originally and bring the best of their regional education and training to the table.

Contact: Sque3z

Suspended Animation
Miami, Florida
Suspended Animation was founded in 1998 in Honolulu Hawaii by Gus Diamond, owner of Paragon Body Piercing with the influence and knowledge of Allen Falkner. We were extremely active when in Hawaii, but due to regulation issues in Florida, we have limited activity. We believe in safety, performance art, beauty in motion, and challenging spiritual, physical and emotional boundaries. From suspension performance in club settings to extreme guerilla nature settings such as the blow hole in Hawaii and the Sandbar Suspension that made Reuters news worldwide. We aim for safety, beauty and energy.

Contact: Gus Diamond

Skin Mechanic Suspension
Boca Raton, Florida
We are SMS, our group has a strong focus on the artistic incorporation of suspension into our subculture. We make most of our own gear, custom rigs and hooks, and an arrangement of other stage props. We are currently one of, if not the only publicly active crew in Florida, and would really like to change that. In the five years we have been together, our finest moments have been shared with other suspension crews. Working hand in hand, sharing and improving on ideas, improving upon them together. Then watching them become art and life in motion.

We do Private Suspensions, Public Shows, and Exhibition style Art Suspensions. If you've ever in our area feel free to contact us, we're always doing something.

Contact: Joe Amato

Freedom Suspension Group
Tampa, Florida
F.S.G. was formed in Jan. of 06' It's a growing group of friends that get together every couple of months to BBQ and do personal private suspensions. Due to the legalities of Fl we need to stay some what private but we are always welcoming first timers and new friends to the group...

Contact: PeaT

Psychotic Suspensions
Atlanta, Georgia
Different people find different things in body suspension. Each person s experience will not necessarily be the same. Some people see it as a means of stress relief, while other people find it spiritual or just help regain self confidence or reassurance. Psychotic Suspensions is the tool to help achieve that.

In no means is this organization trying to mock or replicate any religion. It is just a tool used to accomplish a spiritual or personal experience. For example, many people use prayer as a tool, but they don t always share the same religion. Meditation is a form of prayer, but it is not always to speak to a god, it can be used as a form of self healing, this is similar to body suspension.

Contact: Steele & Telson

Chicago, Illinois
Three-thirteen, formed in 2002 by founders Steve Bennett of Chicago and John Kid of Madison, is a collective of piercers, performance artist, dominatrixes, and others that share an interest in suspension. We have a general suspension team that has open membership with all new prospect members welcome to be put on our ballot for being voted in as team members, all our welcome as long as you share the same love and interest in the art of suspension.

We offer private suspensions to anyone that wants to go up and also have a performance team based in Chicago that is available to perform shows anywhere in the world. We also have private suspension parties once a month for all our team members to be able to suspend and socialize.

Contact: Steve Bennett

Atone Pain Tribe
New Orleans, Louisiana
Suspension and Body Mod/Fire/Circus Troupe from New Orleans, LA. Featured on Fuse TV, Sin Cities(European Bravo), House of Shock, Voo Doo Fest, and The upcoming Ozz Fest. Formed in 2001 by Colby of ICU. The two groups still work together on occasion.

Contact: Colby

The Hook Is Family
Fredrick, Maryland
Providing private personal suspensions,public shows plus side show entertainment(1999) since 2004. Traveling from MD, PA, VA,WV, NC to NYC and farther if needed. suspension camp and cookout social every summer.

Contact: Reverend Decay

Somatic Method (coming soon)
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Somatic Method is a small group of suspension practitioners whose main goal is to offer personal suspensions to those who want to go through the experience. We dedicate our time to helping people with what they are looking to get out of their suspension, whether it be pushing bodily limits, or spiritual/emotional awareness.

contact: Jean-Pierre

Ritual Arisings
Detroit, Michigan
We are a suspension group who operates in the metro detroit area currently focusing on private ritual as well as public performance suspensions. The team was founded by BIOHAZARD and has been around since 2005 under one name or another and working with various groups in the metro area. The goal of our team is to understand and keep alive the ancient traditions of body suspension ritual while incorporating modern ideals and safety and cleanliness advancements. We want to spread the bliss and enlightenment that suspension has offered us while catering the ritual to your personal needs and comfort. Although we offer performances and shows, the main goal of our team is to provide ritual suspensions to our community. We are also non profit, no one on our team gets paid and all the money we make goes into the team so we can keep prices as low as possible.

contact: BIOHAZARD

Grand Rapids, Michigan
We are a suspension/performing arts production organization. Kaz is a licensed EMT as well as American Heart Association certified CPR & First Aid instructor. Our shows are mainly performed around Midwest, with connections to Japan (Japanese questions, comment, and translations welcome). We have been performing since 2004 with associations with few other teams throughout the career (Wingnut Mods, State of Mind, Art&Soul, etc.)

contact: Kaz

Off the Hook
Billings, Montana
Off the Hook crew is Montana's first and only suspension team, started in 1994. Off the Hook is organized and led by Adam Skipper, and sponsored by Voodoo Tattoo in Billings, Montana. We offer both public and private suspensions, and can accommodate fairly large gatherings.

Contact: Adam Skipper

HOOKED Suspension Team
Omaha, Nebraska
HOOKED Suspension Team is dedicated to bringing the art of human suspensions to the Midwest! Hooked is centrally located where the Coasts Converge: Omaha, NE! We also have a chapter in Iowa City, run by our assistant director, Steve. We currently do monthly shows in Omaha, NE . HOOKED is also available for shows and demonstrations at YOUR venue. If interested, contact with details.We are a group of open-minded individuals willing to help you through your journeys of choice. HOOKED will accommodate your preference whether it is emotional, spiritual, or to just have an amazing experience.

HOOKED is not only here to perform, but also educate those looking to learn about human suspensions. We are here to inform, guide, and assist you in your travels to breaking boundaries. We only ask that you remember, IT REALLY IS ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR EXPERIENCE! If you are interested in human suspension, either as a first time/experienced suspendee, or as a practitioner, feel more than free to contact us and let us know your intentions.

Contact: BIGMIKE
Contact: Steve

Evolution Suspension Krew
Belleville, New Jersey
Evolution Suspension Krew, or "ESK" is a suspension team based out of Belleville, NJ. It is composed of a group of professionals whom are very passionate about the art of suspending, as well as the rest of the Body Modification Community. The ESK team is lead by Brian Morella, a Body Piercer/Modification Artist. Think you can "hang" with us? If you've ever thought about suspending, or just simply want some questions answered, please do not hesitate to ask

Contact: Brian

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Life as we know it consists of a series of interconnected experiences cumulating in the absolute experiential moment of death. Cause gives way to effect, only to prompt another causal circumstance, the immutable relationship of each moment to the one before it is as significant and inevitable as its relationship to the one it precedes in a fundamental way, ones individual understanding of this concept should invariably bring one to this conclusion. There is only a single moment in time, and it is this moment. It is now. Now is your last and only chance to experience life before you experience death. Luckily, the present reconfigures and repeats itself too many times to count before reaching its terminal climax. The members of Ascension intend to influence what happens in the now for ourselves and for others. Life holds only two promises:

Pain and Death. Pain is a side effect of life. Ascension chooses to experience this moment in its purest form in the pursuit of enlightenment and with the constant reminder that life is as ephemeral as pain.

Contact: Steve Truitt

DisGraceLanD HooK SquaD
New York City, New York
DisGraceLanD is a suspension team dedicated to the exploration of movement through the theory of suspension as sport...we do our best to push limits and potentials of each suspensioneer individually with the support of a like minded group...

Contact: Spliff

The Collective
charlotte, North Carolina
The Collective is a suspension group based out of Charlotte N.C. Founded by John Boyd in the summer of 2005 after doing performances for 2 years with Psychotic Suspensions out of Atlanta G.A. The Collective is a small group consisting of only 3 core members. John Boyd the founder, Christina Boyd, and Jason Eddington. The reason for the small amount of members and the name "The Collective" is because we like to consider ourselves all a part of the same family as far as other groups go in the states. We are always down for suspending and performing with other groups when they come to town. We do not perform for financial gain or status in the suspension community. We suspend for individual personal reasons and for the pure experience of it. We also like to share what we do with people and educate them about modern suspension rituals and performances done by us and other suspension groups in the country. If anyone would like to contact The Collective for any reason you can do so by going to

Contact: John Boyd

Columbus, Ohio
Ihung is merely a name given to a group of dedicated individuals who believe that it is our calling, as modern practitioners of ancient rituals, to find a balance between reverence and respect for the past and the latest techniques and advancements in order to provide safe, positive and meaningful experiences.

Contact: Jason Shaw

Only Flesh
Columbus, Ohio

Contact: rev lower

  Hook Deep Suspension Family (Website Under Development)
Lancaster, Ohio
Formed in 2007 and made of tattooists and piercers, We strive to share this art with those around our area and beyond. Collaborations are also welcome.

Contact: Rich or Charles

Anti Gravity Relaxation Organization
Tulsa, Oklahoma
AGRO suspension team is on offshoot from the Houston group that meets the first sunday of every month. Our mission is to provide suspension, flesh pulls and other forms of body manipulation in a safe environment. We believe anybody can suspend and intend to provide like minded people with the opportunity.


Hangman Suspensions
Portland, Oregon
Hangman started of as a group of friends in Hawaii who shared a similar interest in suspension. We are now also suspending in Oregon. Our suspensions are usually held in natural, somewhat private environments with small groups of friends, like minded individuals and the occasional curious party. We all suspend for our own reasons, however varied they may be. The emotions, experiences and bonds created by suspending in a beautiful environment with a group of people all there for the same positive reason cannot be recreated any other way.

Contact: Devin

Portland Suspension Society Gathering
Portland, Oregon
We are a collective of local Body Modification Artists and practitioners. We believe the work we do changes the lives of all those around us. Through these rituals we find the support of an entire community devoted to bringing our dreams to reality. We practice our spirituality using the work of suspension as a method to expand our consciousness. Through suspension and body art we have reclaimed our bodies as our own.

Contact: Lisa Blue

Utopian Suicide Suspension Crew
Nashville, Tennessee
Founded in 1997 the Utopian suicide suspension crew has been pushing the limits in the dirty south. We have gone through many crew member changes but still have the core group. Our philosophy is simple "there is a thin line between pleasure and pain". We all enjoy pushing our bodies and minds to the limit. Overcoming pain is a beautiful thing. We are not spiritual at all, we like getting fucked up and doing fucked up things. If anyone is interested in experiencing this contact Mike at (615) 357-0185 or Forever Yours Tattoo at (615) 847-1153 or you can contact us @ We are always looking for tattoo conventions or any other type of venue to perform at. cheers.

Contact: Mike

Birde-mann Inc.
Austin, Texas
Helping people on their private journeys via suspensions and the like

Contact: Brian Birde-mann

Austin, Texas
There is a new suspension group now forming in Austin Texas. Our focus will be to do outdoor suspensions. More information coming once the weather improves.

Contact: Emrys

Suspension Syndicate
Austin, Texas
Suspension Syndicate was created to perform body suspensions for persons who have nobody to facilitate them, and to teach those wanting to learn and continue in the art of body suspension. We formed in July of 2008 under the guidance of Mike Kelton, and Gill Garcia with much love and support from a small, but passionate group of kidz. Suspension Syndicate gets together on the third sunday of every month for public and private suspensions, pulls, or any ritual that you would like to perform. We would like to extend a warm welcome to any and all who are interested in and would like to participate in body suspensions.

Contact: Mike Kelton

Aztlan Arts
Dallas, Texas
We are tattoo artists & piercers that enjoy divers body modification. Founded in May 2007. Mostly suspend people around Texas. We have suspended in several tattoo conventions around the United States as well. Our main purpose is to learn more about this art form, suspend & suspend others.

Contact: Sylvia Penney

Anti Gravity Relaxation Organization
Houston, Texas
AGRO suspension team meets the first sunday of every month. Our mission is to provide suspension, flesh pulls and other forms of body manipulation in a safe environment. We believe anybody can suspend and intend to provide like minded people with the opportunity.


Human Cattle Experiment
San Antonio, Texas
A small group focusing on natural, meditative and demonstrational aspects of human suspension.

Contact: Kevin Saint Michael

Sideshow Suspensions
San Antonio, Texas
Were out there to push the boundaries of the human body and what it can endure .

Contact: Sideshow Frank

M.O.M Suspension Crew
Fairfax, Virginia
The M.O.M (Mind Over Matter) Suspension Crew operates mainly out of the DC/VA/MD metro area, but we do travel occasionally. We have been hosting suspension socials as well as facilitating private suspensions, pulls and other body play/ ritual activities since 2001. In 2003 we began doing suspension/sideshow performances as well. Feel free to contact me with any questions or request.

Contact: Sean Philips

Homage Body Rites
Richmond, Virginia
We are a small, two man, team that works to provide and safe and comfortable atmosphere, where the suspension will be a positive and affirming experience. Both Jared and myself enjoy the feeling of watching someone go up and have a good time and it makes us happy to see the glow on peoples faces when they hit the ground after experiencing and learning what their own bodies, mind, and being, are capable of.

Contact: Cameron McConnell

Seattle, Washington
Balance is just another bunch of hookers who love what they do and like to do it in private on stage and any other place that sounds fun.

Contact: Daif Hahn (Contact Email Unavailable)

Pure Cirkus
Seattle, Washington
Pure is a Seattle based piercing/suspension group that has been doing private and public shows for over 2 years. They have been striving to push the limits of the human mind and body in an ancient art form that dates back to the oldest mummy found to date. Pure is an open door group that welcomes all people of all backgrounds to come and experience what they have to give and receive. Most 3rd Saturdays the group holds a gathering of like minded souls to push their boundaries beyond their own expectations; most people that come to watch end up living an experience and leaving one.

Contact: Xavier

Nu Ethix Suspensions LLC
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Nu Ethix Suspensions LLC was formed in late 2006 in Milwaukee, WI.
They are geared towards performance shows, small demonstrations, and events for first timers.
They are available for travel across the U.S. for events.
Our BME gallery can be viewed at
For booking info, they can be reached by e-mail or through MUTE-ONE at: 414-793-6033

Contact: MUTE-ONE

Truth Seekers Syndicate
Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Truth Seekers Syndicate was founded in 2003 to bring rituals to people through information and participation in the form of suspensions, Kavadi, flesh pulls, and Sundance, among others.

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina where its meetings take place, the Truth Seekers Syndicate's ritual approach also includes following a specific diet by, Ego Kornus, for about two months prior to the gathering.Two main types of meetings are organized: the Suspension Meeting and the Kavadi Meeting. Those who do not have their own Kavadi frame can rent one of the four owned by the Syndicate on a first come-first serve basis.


Hanged Man Team
Melbourne, Australia
We are a small crew of 5 that have always had a strong interest in Suspensions and wish to share this with anyone like minded.

Contact: Peter Sheringham

Red Light District
Perth, Australia
Red Light District - cos we're just a bunch of hookers!

Formed from a love from all things pointy, Red Light District crew are here to help other people experience suspension and provide information for those new to the idea. Janey has previously been involved with the PPC and Circus Carnis. We are available for private performances, but are not truly running as a business as of yet - all money made goes to purchasing more gnarly equipment!

Contact: Janey Hakanson

Modified Souls
Sydney, Australia
Modified Souls is a Sydney based body play performance group. We love showing people how far you can push your body and all the fun that can be had along the way. Nothing could be more satisfying than creating profound life changing experiences, making suspension and body ritual accesible to all achieves this.

Contact: Robert Valenti

Sydney, Australia
Sydney based suspension group dedicated to providing private suspensions and pulls.

Contact: Alyssa & Michelle

The HACK suspension team is a collective of people from a diverse background but a mutual love of suspension. The team includes piercers, riggers, photographers and people who just want to help out. The Hack philosophy is to not get too caught up in the spiritual aspect of suspension and just have a good time. HACK was formed to eliminate the cliquey nature of many suspension crews and offer a professional service to anyone who had a genuine interest in suspension.

Contact: Jack Smith (Contact Email Unavailable)

ETRE SUSPENDU (website not yet available)
Montreal Quebec, Canada
Formed in 2001 for the service or ritual self expression and expansion.

Contact: Azl Golanski (Contact Email Unavailable)

Freak Doctors
Quebec City, Canada
The Freak Doctors were founded in 2002 by a group of kids who wanted to share the beauty of self-knowledge acquired with body rituals such as suspensions and pullings.

Contact: Efix Roy

Sudbury, ON, Canada
northern ontario's first suspension group. we offer private and group suspensions, as well as performances

Contact: Craig

Toronto, Canada
Started in very late 2000, iWasCured is recognized as Canada's first formal group of suspension artists. iWasCured is based out of Toronto and later branched out all over Ontario to include many different chapters of both performers and practitioners. The group is currently hosting intimate suspension gatherings as well as larger suscons.

Contact: Mike

Technological Regression
Toronto/Peterborough, Canada
We are a small but growing crew doing both private and public performances. Our focus is on fun, education and spirituality. We are always learning new techniques and experimenting with new ideas, both in regards to suspension and other forms of body modification.

Contact: Jennifer Booth (Contact Email Unavailable)

Modern Body Suspension
Vancouver, BC, Canada
"Modern Body Suspension" or "MBS" is a progressive Vancouver-based body suspension team dedicated to educating and sharing safe and experienced ritual experiences. MBS facilitates both public & private seminars, rituals and performances in body suspension, flesh pulls and the like. These rituals are most often orchestrated privately indoors, but can also be organized outdoors.

MBS is a non-profit group. All fees incurred from seminars and rituals are used for re-stocking supplies, venue rentals, upgrading and maintaining equipment, web site costs, etc.

MBS offers experience with all types of suspensions & pulls, including vertical, horizontal, inverted, dynamic, tandem and modified suspensions, energy pulls, spinning beams, etc.

MBS has many members and affiliates, ranging from professional piercers to suspension enthusiasts. We are always accepting of new members and can often offer chances to witness a ritual before indulging yourself in your own spiritual experience.

If you would like to witness or set up a ritual, contact us by email.

Contact: Russ Foxx

NPST - Negative Pole Suspension Team
Our group was founded in 2007. In China's few know Body Suspension. We want to let more people to accept Body Suspension. More people to participate in activities.

Contact: Tiancheng liu

Body Extreme Suspension Team
Copenhagen, Denmark
The group started in early 1995 doing fakir show. In 2000 we started pulling and in 2002 the first suspension started. Now we also do suspension seminar for those who want to "fly". There have been many people in and out of the group. But the center have always been the crew around Copenhagen body extremes.

Contact: Muffe

Constant Elevation
London, England
Based in and around london, we are offering private and group suspension events as well as performances.
Having worked on different events ranging from intimate suspension to international events, festivals, clubs and tattoo conventions, we are open to any idea or challenge.

Contact: Ben/Alice

London, England
Operafication is a UK based performance group specializing in body suspension and body manipulation performance art. We combine live opera/chant with original electronic compositions, live and/or recorded instrumentals, and often fire play.

Contact: Hilary Whitmore

Spirit Seekers
Northern, England
Spirit Seekers Group was formed in 2007. We wanted to explore piercing rituals further after taking part in. Fakirs Spirit and Flesh UK tour's Intense Piercing Experience.

Contact: Mark

United Kingdom
Skinphony is a body performance art group who use flesh piercing as a medium to create experimental sound instruments. Skinphony, the Human Orchestra is performed at Uk and international events

Contact: Kamelyan

ART-KOR is a performance group create in france in 2000 with people coming from different body art background. they start doing suspension in 2001. the "ART-KOR connexion" is an extension of is core group including friend from others country, who joint them wen they are on tour. the group try to raise money since two years to create one performance area open to other team : the freakland project. more information :

Contact: lukas zpira (Contact Email Unavailable)

Aesthetic Meat Front
Berlin, Germany (also Los Angeles, CA)
A-M-F is a ritualistic performance project created in 1996. We utilize audience participation, animal parts and our body as sound source to unleash carnal energy. The truth lays within - open your flesh!

Contact: Louis Fleischauer

Amsterdam, Holland
A suspension and performance group based in the Netherlands. We provide bizarre shows, containing suspension, pulling, play piercing and other body related practices in combination with fetish / bdsm and/or theatre.

It is our duty to explore the boundaries of our flesh and go beyond it.We also offer private suspensions, pulling or play piercing sessions and workshops to guide people to explore the unknown. We also participate and organize suspension meetings and conventions.

Contact: Ilya and Miss Duveaux

Shocking Delight
We are a group of 5 people doing shows with suspensions and private sessions with pulling, play piercings and much more! check our site!

Contact: Rob van Rijn

Israel Suspension
Israel suspension (since 2008) is the first suspension site in Israel there are a number of smaller suspension groups around here this site / group is in contact with all of theme. You are more then welcome to come and visit out beautiful country and get suspended in many exotic locations at any question you may contact RAZ, the founder of the site.

Contact: Raz

Ascesi Rituals
Suspension.Rituals.Performance:We Are Ascesi

Contact: Angelo

Mutant Performed Suspension Squad
pain and party

Contact: 0039039614089

Ordalìa Rituals
Ordalìa is an italian project of suspension pulling and play piercing performance group.

Contact: Angelo

Skoid is an organic complex, enormous, different. Born in 1999 it is the union of four spirits, four chins, four bodies. An assembled of vital fluids, primordial, that is carried in the bodily expression through the overcoming of physical and mental limits. A separation from the canons that govern our calm way of living. A discussion of our values, a recovery of our instinctive pushes, a recognition of our nature and an acceptance of our own monsters. For a best integration of the different aspects of our life, without the skimming, the censorship, that ourselves apply to our thoughts. Separation, destruction, rielaborazione and rebirth, are the phases that characterize every Skoid performance. An enrichment through the loss. A rearrangement of the chaos.

Contact: Skoidlab

Christchurch, New Zealand
Your skin is yours to do with what you will. Skindependent, in association with Absolution, enables you to suspend for you own reasons, not ours.

Contact: Eden

Pain Cult Freak Show
Tver, Russia
Pain Cult is a theatrical costumed freak-show which is engaged in staging of performances with the elements of extreme piercing, suspension etc. Team was founded in 2005 in Tver near from Moscow (Russia). Founder is Artem (Junk) Timokhin. Every performance has an unique subject and enthralling actor playing. Pain Cult tours on all Russia and after its limits.

Pain Cult - это театрализованное костюмированное фрик-шоу, которое занимается постановкой представлений с элементами экстремального пирсинга, подвешиванием и т.д. Команда образовалась в 2005 году в Твери. Основатель - Артём (Junk) Тимохин. Каждое представление является мини-спектаклем с уникальным сюжетом и увлекательной актёрской игрой. Pain Cult гастролирует по всей России и за её пределами.

Contact: Junk

A Sangre Fria BodyArt
Madrid, Spain
A group of artists devoted to piercing, body modification and body suspensions. Since 2002 we are making shows, private suspensions, we like to move in Bodyart culture in Spain and we are fighting for it. To get in touch with us you can do: Tel: 912225058. Thank you very much and see you soon friends.

Contact: Joel and Fran

Tattoo Galery Team Suspension
Madrid, Spain
Tattoo Galery Suspension Team born in 1999 when Jonathan and Javier decided to perform suspensions, many people started to help us, and now we've some nice shows.

Contact: Jonathan Piercing

Concrete Jungle Tribe
Malmö, Sweden
We are one of the most active suspension groups in sweden.

Contact: Bena

Old Ways
Östersund, Sweden
Suspension group with the goal to make suspension available to the general public. mainly for northen sweden and Norway. Private/Spiritual/performance art(coming). any questions,requests and bookings use the contact mail.

Contact: Mattias "faffa" Folin

Urbanized Quality Time
Founded in around april 2005. Mostly suspend people around Gothenburg in Sweden. Also are interested in suspension shows. Our main purpose is to get suspended and to be able to do that we suspend others to a very minimalist amount of money.


Contact: Teddy Engelke (Contact Email Unavailable)

TSD (Thailand)
Bangkok, Thailand
CJ joined the TSD crew later in the game, but was so driven to suspend that he purchased all his own rigging and equipment and started hanging people on his own. He had no formal suspension training, but is a natural and picked up on the knowledge very quickly. In many ways CJ actually helped keep TSD together. When many of us started to burn out he was right there to pick up the slack and start hanging people on his own, which in turn brought everyone back together.

Contact: CJ

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